Q: Where can I find more information about Residential Garbage, Recycling or Compost Collection in my area?
A: Follow the links below to learn more about residential collection programs in:

City of Armstrong 

City of Revelstoke 

City of Salmon Arm 

Village of Lumby 

Q: What if I live outside a Collection Area?
A: Give us a call or email to see if we can provide pickup service from your location with our combination of bins and trucks. Our bins are sized 65 gallons to 50 cubic yards.

Q: Are Bins the same as Dumpsters?
A: “Dumpsters” are a type of front-load bin. Follow this link to learn more about our Bins.

Q: What about Carts or Toters?
A: If you don’t have the space, or if you only generate a small amount, or if you require something that can be moved around easily, toters / carts are ideal. We can supply 65 to 95 gallon Toters / Carts for waste, recycling, or compost.

Q: Where can I find photos of your Trucks?
A: Check out Specialty Hauling for more photos or go to our Trucks page.

Q: Why don’t you post your Rates?
A: We offer a wide range of programs to a variety of customers in a number of areas, which makes it difficult for us to post standard pricing on this website. Give us a call for a quote. Follow this link to find out how our Rates are calculated.

Q: Can I expect Mystery Charges & Random Rate Changes?
A: You will not find mystery charges or random rate changes on our invoices. If there is a tangible change that requires us to alter your previously agreed-upon billing rate, we will provide the reason to you in writing.

Q: Why is my Bill so High?
Landfill fees and processing costs for recycling & waste disposal are not within our control. Our customers often find that tipping fees are the single largest component of their SCV Waste Solutions bill. Disposal or tipping fees are set by local governments and may be subject to change.

Q: How can I find out what the Tipping Fees are, so I know what to expect on my Bill?
A: Please consult your local government: