We offer a wide range of programs to a variety of customers in a number of areas, which makes it difficult for us to post standard pricing on this website. To ensure accurate and fair pricing, our locally-based customer service reps and sales staff are trained to help you choose the best solution for your needs. We pride ourselves on establishing a strong working relationship with our customers, with a billing system that is fair and transparent. Please call or email for a quote.

No Mystery Charges or Random Rate Changes

You will not find mystery charges or random rate changes on our invoices. If there is a tangible change that requires us to alter your previously agreed-upon billing rate, we will provide the reason to you in writing.

Please note: landfill fees and processing costs for recycling & waste disposal (“tipping fees”) are not within our control.

Our customers often find that tipping fees are the single largest component of their SCV Waste Solutions bill.

Our Rates Vary With:

Bin Size

Pickup Frequency

Your Proximity to a Landfill or Transfer Station
(i.e. distance to haul)

Type of Materials Collected
(See Tipping Fees)

Tipping Fees Are Set By Local Governments

Tipping fees are set by local governments, and are usually based on weight and the type of material, and whether it can be recycled or disposed. Please consult your local government for current tipping fees: